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McCarren Pool Update

Proposed Design for New Cabanas
Photo: Rogers Marvel Architects via Gowanus Lounge

The Parks Department was at CB1 last night with an update on the McCarren Pool renovation. The good news is that the funding (all $50 million) has not been cut. The bad news is that $50 million does not buy what it bought three years ago. As a result, the diving pool has been value engineered out of the project. In its place, there will be a beach volleyball court. The potential silver lining is that the diving pool could be done in the future, and the infrastructure (piping, mainly) will be run now to help make that happen.

But the real silver lining is that larger project is going forward, and is still on course for a 2010 opening.

Gowanus Lounge has all the photos, and a lengthy report from Mikki Halpin of Pool Aid (and WPA).

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John Dereszewski:

May I respectfully suggest that the use of the soon to be enacted Federal stimulus package should be tapped to fund the remaining shortfall in the McCarren Pool reconstruction project. This item will not only be "shovel ready" but will provide a wonderful link from the New Deal era WPA, that gave it life, to our current recovery package.

Just a thought.

Iggy Abruzzo:

I am 84 years old and i had the pleasure to go to Mc Carren pool when it first opened . Many a hot day was enjoyed there.

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