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Hey, close that window!


While we had noticed this a week or two ago, we were just reminded by one of our far-flung correspondents of the large number of recently opened windows at the Domino Sugar Refinery. Now this building has stood solidly in its place for almost 125 years, so we can only hope that a few weeks of exposure to the elements will not do any damage. Still, it raises questions of what the developers are doing with this important historic resource, and why they are there are suddenly dozens of windows left open during the coldest part of the year.

Seriously, in addition to the potential for damage to the structure caused by exposure, freezing pipes and freezing and thawing masonry, such neglect invites vandals and explorers.

Hopefully, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will do the right thing and designate the refinery as a landmark (you can encourage them to do the right thing by signing our petition). Until then, please, close those windows.

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