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4 Boro nominates W/G Landmarks


Old Dutch Mustard Co. Building, November, 2007.
(Credit: Curbed)

The Four Three Boro Neighborhood Preservation Association recently nominated sites in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island for landmark designation (they must not get to the Bronx much). The sites chosen by 4B in North Brooklyn include:

    Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory
    McCarren Park Pool Center
    Matchett Candy Factory
    Weidmann Cooperage
    I. Rokeach & Sons Building
    Old Dutch Mustard Co.
    Harte & Co. Building
    143 Roebling Street
    55 Hope Street
    South Bushwick Reformed Church
    Fillmore Place Historic District
    Grand Street Historic District
    Dunham Place Historic District

As Curbed was kind enough to note, its a bit late for Dutch Mustard, and the McCarren Park Recreation Center was already heard by LPC back in January. Still, despite some glaring omissions, and a list is heavy on WPA's industrial priorities to the neglect of everything else, 4B's list includes many worthy landmarks.

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Edward W Matchett:

My grandfather's brother owned and operated the Matchett Candy Factory at in Brooklyn, NY. I am searching for a photo of this historic building.

Robert Furman:

Our name is Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance Foundation. Please quote accurately.

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