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Star Building

star building.jpg
Star Building (Eberhard Faber).
Photo: Porter Hovey Polaroid Project

Williamsburg photographer Porter Hovey has been busy with her Polaroid camera, and has a blog dedicated to the project. In addition to this shot of one of the Eberhard Faber buildings (we're pretty sure its 59 Kent Street), there are a lot of other nice shots of Greenpoint & Williamsburg. Well worth a few minutes of exploration (definitely check out the Harte Building photo).

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Nice shots. Although the Greenpoint Terminal Market, pictured bottom right, wasn't exactly "lost". It was deliberately burned in an act of arson and the prime suspect in that arson still owns the building.


Semantics - its still lost, no? Dutch Mustard was lost to a deliberate act of demolition, and the perpetrator still owns the site. Austin Nichols probably shouldn't be "lost" anymore, but it is not a landmark.

Our list definitely needs updating.

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