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Eberhard Faber Designation Hearing Announced


The Pencil Building (ca. 1930) - part of the proposed Eberhard Faber Historic District.

The Landmarks hearing for the designation of the Eberhard Faber Historic District will be Tuesday, 24 July 2007, starting at 9:45 AM. The hearing will be held at the Landmarks Commission's hearing room at the Municipal Building, 1 Centre Street, 9th Floor North (ID required for building entry). The J, M and Z Chambers Street station and 4, 5 and 6 Brooklyn Bridge Station are both under the Municipal Building; the R and W City Hall station is about a block away (sorry, no G train access).

For more on what is and isn't part of the proposed Eberhard Faber Historic District, please see our earlier posts on the subject.

Demolition at Eberhard
Eberhard on LPC Calendar
Eberhard Faber Claendared

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Jose Ruiz:

The new construction going up is a pile of CENSORED compared to these ancient buildings. The old buildings have strong 'character'. They look like they can withstand anything except developers.

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