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"Ideal Street"

Today's Times has an article on Henry Miller and Fillmore Place. On May 12, the Landmarks Commission is expected to formally designated Fillmore Place and Miller's childhood home (which is on Driggs, not Fillmore as the photo caption in the article says).

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Director: The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company:

That was not the only inaccuracy. I'm not certain but the quote about Miller's anti-Semitism equating the block to a rotten jaw, seems similar to a quote of his from the 1970s which describes 662 Driggs to the only gleaming tooth in a rotten mouth. The quote used in the article could not have been made by Miller when he left Williamsburg. He was only nine years old at the time. At best, it's inclusion is misleading. There were more interesting things that could have been said about the block.

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