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Engine 212 update

Engine 212
(Photo: Formerly Engine 212 by Triborough)

Some good news on the Engine 212 front. After considerable pressure from Councilmember David Yassky, Community Board 1 and other activists, the Bloomberg administration has agreed to create a task force to look at the reuse of closed fire houses citywide. Yassky and Community Board 1, as well as Borough President Marty Markowitz, have been united in insisting that 212 not be sold to the highest bidder, but instead remain a community asset. Among the options under consideration are affordable housing, preservation, a community facility, or a mix of all three. For its part, WPA supports Councilmember Yassky and the Community Board, and continues to push Landmarks to designate the building.

Task Force to Examine Plans for Old Firehouses (NY Sun)
Formerly Engine 212 by Triborough

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