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More Austin Nichols

In today's City section, Jake Mooney writes about the irony of the many twists and turns in the Austin Nichols (184 Kent) story. As it turns out, the building is historically significant. And for a building that was held up as a "piece of trash" by Councilman Simcha Felder, it sure is looking good.

Also, contra Dan Reardon, 184 Kent was never in any danger of winding up "in a landfill somewhere". In a City where FAR is king, an overbuilt building will always be "saved". The issue with Austin Nichols was that the original plan to save it was a fate worse than demolition.

In case you've forgotten what started it all, here is a reminder:

184 kent karl fischer.jpg
184 Kent, proposed rendering
Architect: Karl Fisher (ca. 2005)

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