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Dutch Mustard Building Saved (Again)!

As reported in Curbed and Gowanus Lounge, Steiner NYC, the developer of the former Old Dutch Mustard site, has a new ad running in New York magazine, in which it claims that it "has converted the Old Dutch Mustard Warehouse at 80 Metropolitan Avenue... to a residential development".

This, of course, is fantastic news. We had assumed that since the Old Dutch Mustard had long ago been reduced to a pile of rubble that any "conversion" was out of the question. Hence the red "LOST" designation on the picture to the right. Clearly, though, Steiner NYC has found a new model for adaptive use of historic structures - one that does not actually require that you have an historic structure to adaptively reuse.

This is also a clearly a major victory for the 4 Boro Neighborhood Preservation Alliance, who listed ODM on their landmarks wish list of 2007. 6 months after the building had already been reduced to a pile of rubble.

This latest bit of marketing is brought to you by the same geniuses who back in March claimed "80 Metropolitan will [...] incorporate the character of the neighborhood, which was once dominated by factories and warehouses." By "incorporate" they, of course, mean reduce to a pile rubble.

Eberhard Faber