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Domino Landmark Hearing


The Landmarks Commission has confirmed that they will hold the first public hearing for the designation of the Domino Sugar Processing House next Tuesday, 26 June, at 9:45. Those wishing to testify in support of designation will need to fill out a speaker's form at the Commission's hearing room. If you cannot attend the hearing to testify, we encourage you to submit a letter of support.

At Tuesday's hearing, LPC staff will make a presentation to the Commission regarding the results of their research on the site. Member's of the public will be allowed to testify, after which the Commissioner's will probably make comments regarding the designation. While it is possible that the Commission will vote then and there to designate, it much more likely that the hearing will be closed and the designation will happen at a later date. Future meetings will not include public testimony, though, so speak now...

The Landmarks Commission is located at 1 Centre Street, 9th Floor North. That's the Municipal Building, which is at the eastern terminus of Chambers Street. The Brooklyn Bridge station of the 4/5/6 and the Chambers Street station of the J/M/Z are underneath the building; the City Hall station of the R/W is about a block away. There is a security check to get into the building, so bring a valid ID and leave the sharp objects at home. And plan to arrive a few minutes early.

Letters of support should be addressed to:

Robert Tierney
NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission
1 Centre Street, 9th Floor North
New York, NY 10007

(Or, you can use our handy email form, which is located in the Take Action section of our web page, over to the right there.)

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