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Brooklyn Greenway on Kent Avenue

The Brooklyn Greenway continues to get closer and closer to reality. Much of the Brooklyn Greenway is planned for the waterfront, but for a variety of reasons (like the Navy Yard), the northern portion of the route will run a bit inland. Despite the waterfront esplanade that is planned for the Northside, the path of the Greenway in Williamsburg is along Kent Avenue. A proposal will be in front of Community Board #1 on Wednesday seeking support for this Kent Avenue route. The proposed route will result in a planted median separating bike and pedestrian paths from vehicular traffic (similar to the Hudson River Park greenway). This will mean the loss of on-street parking spaces along Kent Avenue (though the parking rules on Kent are pretty byzantine, so many of those spots are probably not usable on a day-to-day basis), but will introduce not only green space (including 200 trees) but much needed traffic-calming measures to Kent Avenue.

The Community Board meets Wednesday evening, 6:30 PM, at the Swingin' Sixties Senior Center at 211 Ainslie Street (corner Manhattan). Sign up before 6:15 if you wish to speak in support of this measure. And we hope you will speak in support of it.

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