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March 7 - 9: HDC's Annual Conference

HDC Presents Its 14th Annual Preservation conference, Preservation 2030

March 7-9, 2008

PlaNYC 2030 is a broad initiative put forth by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to enhance New York’s urban environment for the future focusing on sustainable goals for land, air, water, energy and transportation projects. One of the main premises of the plan is that New York City will receive an additional one million residents in the next two decades. Many in the preservation community want to know how the city can accommodate this growth and still retain its historic character. Using the Mayor’s PlaNYC as a starting point, the Historic Districts Council’s 14th Annual Preservation Conference will focus on preservation and its relation to a broad framework of urban issues and how they relate to New York’s many diverse neighborhoods. The HDC conference will utilize original research, real-life case studies, panel discussions and community tours to talk about preservation and development in the future, especially through the lens of the 2030 Plan and its land use initiatives.

A distinguished group of preservationists, planners, elected officials, government agency representatives, architects and educators from across New York City’s five boroughs will address these issues. These panelists are all intimately invested in the development and land use concerns of their communities and will dissect PlaNYC and it’s implications for our city’s future. The Conference will consist of three panel discussions: “Surviving the Building Boom: Urban Neighborhoods of the Future,” “Building it Out: Suburban Neighborhoods of the Future” and “Tools of the Trade: Preservation Practices for the Next Generation.”

Full details on the conference are available from HDC. In addition to the conference panels, there will be a series of walking tours on Sunday, March 9. (Including a Greenpoint-Williamsburg tour by Ward Dennis of WGPA.)

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