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Rezoning East Greenpoint

From the Eagle, news that the Department of City of Planning has the rezoning of "East Greenpoint" next on their list. DCP is actually working on two rezonings in the area - a small 11-block area along Grand Street, west of Marcy Avenue/BQE, and a large 170+ block area east of the BQE. The Grand Street rezoning was approved by the City Planning Commission a week or so ago, and is expected to be approved by the City Council (and thus made into law) by the end of this month. City Planning has promised to have the larger rezoning (covering an area roughly from Maujer Street north to Newtown Creek) into the public review process by Autumn of this year.

Both rezonings impose contextual zoning on existing residential zones. So areas with no height limits will get height limits (and no more "finger" buildings). In addition, the contextual zoning eliminates the (much abused) community facility bonus and makes certain areas eligible for the inclusionary (affordable) housing bonus.

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