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BMT Power Plant Blog and Petition

Jeremy, the man behind the renderings for the reuse of the BMT Power Plant at 500 Kent Avenue has started a blog and a petition drive.

(By the way - we have been referring to 500 Kent as the BRT Power Plant; Jeremy and others call it the BMT Power Plant. They are one and the same - the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company was reorganized as the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation in 1923. As BMT, the company was one of three major operators of subway lines in New York City (along with IRT and IND). BMT operated the Franklin Avenue Shuttle, the J/M/Z, the L, and the N/Q/R/W. BRT constructed and operated many surface and elevated lines in Brooklyn, including the elevated portions of what is now the J/M/Z line. It was for the operation of these surface lines that the Kent Avenue power house was constructed.

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