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Environmental Concerns Raised About Brooklyn Con Ed Plant

Councilmember Eric Gioia raises concerns about Con Ed's hasty demolition of the former BRT Power Plant at Kent and Division. (Where is our Councilmember on this issue?)

If its any consolation, WGPA has reviewed a host of environmental records for this property, and none of them mention asbestos "baked into the walls", as Con Ed has claimed. There was asbestos associated with piping and machinery, all of which could have been removed without taking a brick off the building. And there was lead paint in the building (as there is in every 100-year-old building), which also could have been removed without lifting a wrecking bar.

If you want to talk about environmental issues, look to the empty lot immediately south of 500 Kent. That lot is home to a former Brooklyn Union Gas manufactured gas plant.

Curbed has more here.

Eberhard Faber