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Work Begins at the 87th Precinct

Former 87th Precinct.
Architect: George Ingram (1891).
Photo: Forgotten NY.

In news of work at an actual City landmark, Newyorkshitty reports that hammers are swinging at the former 87th Precinct. The building (on Humboldt and Herbert, but maybe best known from the BQE) is being converted into affordable housing by the North Brooklyn Development Corporation, Greenpoint's local non-profit development group.

Former 87th Precinct, tower.
Architect: George Ingram (1891).
Photo: Forgotten NY.

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John Dereszewski:

This is really great news. It was so sad to see this wonderful building in its abandoned state and so satisfying to learn that it is now being developed for affordable housing - rather than still another overpriced condo!


I grew up in Greenpoint and I remember, very well, the days when this was an active Police Station. For many years I've been wondering what would ever be done with this beautiful piece of architecture. Glad to see that it still has some life left in it.

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