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Eberhard Faber

61 Greenpoint Avenue, detail.

As we mentioned before, LPC is holding a mega-designation hearing on Tuesday the 30th. In addition to the initial Dumbo hearing, Landmarks is expected to designate the Eberhard Faber Historic District. The Eberhard Faber district encompasses most (though not all) of the buildings of the former Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory.

The Eberhard Faber Historic District will sit side by side with the larger Greenpoint Historic District and the Astral Apartments, and individual landmark. The former is comprised largely of 19th-century residential buildings for the managers and owners of Greenpoint's factories and businesses. The latter was constructed by Charles Pratt to house the workers of his Astral Oil Works. All in all, the three designations encompasses factories, businesses, houses of worship and housing - forming a very unique view of a close-knit 19th-century community.

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Eberhard Faber