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Pfizer Plant Named a National Historic Chemical Landmark

Pfizer Plant Entrance
Photo: Mary Habstritt

To be honest, we didn't know there was such a thing as a National Historic Chemical Landmark. But since there is, it makes sense that Pfizer's Williamsburg plant would be on it. As noted in the nomination, Pfizer is listed for its discoveries that led to mass production of penicillin during World War II.

The company was founded in 1849 in a building located at the corner of Bartlett Street and Harrison Avenue in Williamsburg. Pfizer is pulling up stakes and moving out of Williamsburg by the end of this year. But there will be some reminders of the company's origins and 158 history when they leave. The original Pfizer building still stands at the east Williamsburg plant. In addition, the brick smokestack in Grand Ferry Park is a relic of a Pfizer plant that was located just to the north (where the NYPA plant now sits).

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